UN GA Documents A to Z Preamble Points Numbering

PGLA    Peace Globe Arrangement.  For ideal preamble point reference, with letter numbering,  in UN official documents 

 All UN General Assembly resolved official documents should have their preamble points identified with A1 to Z26 numbering, ranging from the UN Charter, to all Declarations, The Two Covenants, Conventions, Resolutions and other draft treaties etc.


This will make properly quoting a vital preamble point possible. Those documents with more than 26 preamble points would have Z points added to with Z26   Z27   Z28   Z29 This letter type numbering would be with a series of dashes back from the margin as in the following example. Those first words, in italics below, are from the preamble of the 6 July 2017 Final Draft Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.


[A1] ...........Determined

[B2] ............Deeply concerned

[C3] ............Mindful

[D4] ............Cognizant

[E5] ............Acknowledging


 (1) The  Problem:-

Many preamble points starting with an attitude topic in italics, that run on from one to another, without each attitude point able to be quickly located, via a reference number, for quoting and concentrated study. They are joined as one statement. Quoting a paragraph requires it's words in italics given together with those on either side of it.    

It's an old fashioned practice to give the preamble an aloof, daunting, detached and possibly incidental theme. If it's good enough to have a preamble at all, then it should be properly presented with each paragraph that's preceded with a key word in italics, given an A to Z letter number for ideal use. While some people can possibly quickly memorize such many paragraphed preambles for quoting, most of us need the paragraphs to be numbered with capital letters, for best use in peace campaigning. 

The United Nations is expected to be consistent. A UN document preamble is definitely important. Any such preamble must be given best treatment for the most intense understanding, sharing, study and vigorous promotion. That includes having their separate paragraphs officially identified with capital letter numbering. They're crucial and so deserve that.


(2) The Solution:- 

For all new UN declarations or UN conventions to have this letter/numbering for proper use of the vital preamble points, such as in education, UN Charter promotion and calls for Government remedy on some national social matter. The [A1] - [Z26]  letter number combination ensures that it's unmistakably distinct and unique for UN document preambles and not confused with the articles of the document. 

A UN process would then, over time, update all UN documents with preambles, in the typical paragraph headings in italics style, to ensure the A1- Z26 numbering system, for best use by advocates.  

For instance, that New Zealand properly respects the Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, in the  New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, as shown in        www.boract.webs.com         

That website promotes the removal of  the rogue, "disproportionately severe" and the correct insertion of  "inhuman" as used in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  


That Covenant's second preamble point might be quoted to make the case to Parliament more strongly for the "inhuman" insertion campaign, as follows.


  " [B2] ...................Recognizing that these rights derive from the inherent dignity of the human person,"


(3) The Benefits:- 

Much better public appreciation, study, quotation and use of preambles in the UN document system for international peace and security, via fast and easy preamble point reference and their special UN Charter linkage.


(4) An Example of the Suggestion's Value:-

Disturbance in international relations has developed in 2017 over North Korea's testing of nuclear explosive devices and their development and testing of rockets, to deliver them. This may be possibly more quickly peacefully settled by public pressure centred on better use of the UN Charter and other resolved, UN official documents for clear numbered quotation of various preamble points. 


 All nations should follow the UN Charter's principle of not threatening other nations. The applicable UN Charter's fifth preamble point would be [E5] as follows in this edited extract.


[A1]  WE THE PEOPLES OF THE UNITED NATIONS DETERMINED to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and .........

[D4] ....... to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,


[E5] ........ to practice tolerance and to live together in peace with one another as good neighbours, and.....



Proper reference to preamble points is essential to make individuals' cases more strongly to those in government power, within their nations, as well as with the UN documents' Arabic numbered articles . These national representatives also can take this website's suggestion to the UN General Assembly for passing into UN policy.  It's for a resolution, for all UN documents with preambles, past, present and future, to have proper preamble point reference alphabetical letter/numbering. 


(4) An Action Plan:-

To make appeals to both the UN directly, via the suggestion panel in the UN website's "Contact",  as well as emailing newspapers and Members of Parliament, plus to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


It's a logical suggestion for a slightly, but significantly, improved, more user friendly, United Nations system, successfully seeking international peace and security. One might well wonder why it's not already in place.  


(5) A Current Example of a Temporary Measure Before Official Letter Numbering of a Document's Preamble Points:-

To help individuals more easily use a UN document preamble, before official letter/numbering of those preamble points.

Once again it's the preamble of the 6 July 2017 Draft treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons that's now progressing towards coming into force.  An abbreviated, edited summary of each preamble point is in brackets.


The States Parties to this Treaty 

(A 1) ..........Determined ----------  ( The UN Charter's purposes and principles respect and realization )

(B 2) ..........Deeply concerned --- ( Catastrophic nature proving need for zero )

(C 3) ..........Mindful  --------------- ( Risks of  nuclear detonation by accident, miscalculation or intention )

(D 4) ..........Cognizant --------- ( Beyond help and borders and with their radiation especially bad for women and girls ) 

(E 5) ..........Acknowledging  ----( The goodness of total nuclear disarmament and its maintenance )

(F 6) .......... Mindful - ( Hibakusha victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic blasts plus atomic / nuclear test victims )

(G 7) ..........Recognizing  -------- ( Indigenous people's disproportionate plight from nuclear weapons activities )

(H 8) ..........Reaffirming ---------- ( International law compliance )

(I 9) ..........Basing themselves ---- ( International humanitarian law and rules to protect the natural environment )

(J 10) ..........Considering  -----------( The illegality of nuclear weapons )

(K 11) ..........Reaffirming ----------  ( Humanity principles and dictates of public conscience ) 

(L 12) ..........Recalling -----   ( The UN Charter's ban on threats and  for international peace and security from wisdom )

(M 13) ..........Recalling also -----  ( The UN General Assembly's first resolution  of 24 January 1946 and others for zero )

(N 14) ..........Concerned ---- ( The slowness of  nuclear disarmament, reliance on nuclear weapons and their futile waste )

(O 15) ..........Recognizing--- ( Legally binding prohibition for irreversible, verifiable and  transparent  keen elimination )

(P 16) ..........Determined ------- ( Progress towards zero nuclear weapons and strict and effective international control )

(Q 17) ..........Reaffirming  --------- ( Nuclear disarmament good faith negotiations conclusion )

(R 18) ..........Reaffirming also ( Implementation of the Treaty on the  Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons ) 

(S 19) ..........Recognizing  ---------   ( Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty importance with it's verification regime )

(T 20) ..........Reaffirming  --------- ( Voluntary, internationally respected, nuclear weapons free zones )

(U 21) ..........Emphasizing ------- ( Nuclear energy for peaceful purposes not affected by the Treaty )

(V 22) ..........Recognizing -- ( Men and women for peace and special encouragement of women for zero nuclear weapons )

(W 23) ..........Recognizing also --- (Peace and disarmament education for nuclear weapons risks and on this Treaty)  

(X 24) ..........Stressing  ---------- ( Public conscience furthering the principles of humanity and for peace people respect )

(Y 25) ..........Have agreed ---------- ( To respect and abide by the 20 Articles of the Treaty ) 


(6).  Here is a list of the repeated headings, above, to further indicate why the letter/numbering of each preamble point is so vital for its best promotion as stated in preamble point (W) above.  

Recognizing  ............   G O S V

Reaffirming  ...........    H K Q T

Determind  ..............   A P

Mindful  ..................   C F


Groupings in the above recent treaty's preamble.


 (7). The survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic blasts, known as Hibakusha, show us the reality of nuclear weapons effects as a comparison with today's, much more powerful, deployed arsenals of various nations but, principally, of  USA and Russia.  ......... F  X

(8). Nuclear weapons' illegality owing to their being chemical, biological and grossly inhuman devices. ....... H  I J  K

(9). UN Charter aspects. .........A L P V W X

(10).  Principles of humanity. .......... C  K  X

(11). Peace, security and disarmament promotion and education.  ....... A L M R V W X

(12). International and regional peace and security.   R  L  T  V

(13). Men and women.   D V

(14). Philosophical and ethical aspects.   B  C  D  E  F  G  K  N O  P Q  R S  T  U  X

(15). The public conscience.  K  X


Views on UN Document Preambles


(16).  Advantages and possibly perceived disadvantages of all UN documents' preamble points paragraphs being A - Z numbered.

[1] Advantages of a change to letter numbered preamble points.

(a) Preamble point paragraphs able to be easily quoted instead of needing to at least describe the attitude in italics before and after the one in question, owing to many of the same such words in italics, in some preambles.

(b) To finally remove the last vestige of a bygone era's aloof legal profession that used special rare words and document styles to daunt and overwhelm the general public, as part of their sham of superiority and unjust claim for great riches.

(c) To respect and follow the modern rationalist humanist trend to use straight forward plain English and easy to follow, quote and understand written texts. They are then popularly read and promoted in peaceful dialogue, leading to good outcomes for international peace and security.

[2] The Present Situation :- Wrongly Perceived Disadvantages. (There aren't any)

(a) That those who might benefit from keeping the general public confused and away from UN document preambles, will need to face a better educated and effective, UN document preamble conversant, general public, of all ages and occupations.

(b) That the days of possible UN and Government duplicity will be numbered towards extinction so that outrages like the, tacitly UN accepted, recent years' invasions of Iraq and Libya, and the refugee crisis from Syria and Myanmar, will be replaced by a peoples' call for respect of referenced  preamble points, such as E F G H in the UN Charter.

(c) That traditionalists, who like a daunting, mysterious, historically styled, gigantic sentence preamble, will need to face the reality that preambles are there to vigourously use and promote. They're for the practical benefit of UN treaty articles' respect and compliance, free of misunderstanding. They are not there to just sound grand and lofty, without expectation of vigorous detailed quotation for action. Even though UN preambles are in a smooth, flowing, gigantic sentence format, this quaint style needs to accommodate the overwhelming need to have preambles contents deeply in the hearts of all, for action, via point by point, clear referencing. 

(17).  Progress called for.

It's now time for a general change in thinking, on the relevance of these preambles, from grand and noble lofty, extremely long sentence statements, to "nuts and bolts", multi paragraph assembly of grand improvement and its maintenance, for an excellent way of life for all. The change is very simply achieved by just adding A to Z referencing to preamble points.


The writer hopes that the above lists will be widely distributed and read. 


Complied by Murray Richard Tingey  (called Richard)


New Zealand

13 : 10 : 2017 

May Peace Prevail On Earth